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Nov 13, 2012 5:00pm PST
this is a park. now, hillside was inspected earlier today. the city says first order of business will be to of course stabilize that hillside. >> pipe creating that mess is part of a reservoir system. you can see it here from sky p, built 78 years ago. the original section of daily city. now, it took just 0 minutes to ice yol yait and stop the leak. crews just moved that valve closer up the hill to the reservoir last year during that upgrade. >> this section just sheered off. telling us that they're dealing with the age of the pipe. >> officials say tlorj pipes that serve the original section of dale wrae city. they're trying to assess vulnerabilities. >> it turns out cars will be stuck in the muck this, is a picture of the scene tonight. the city working to make sure no more mud comes down if it rains later this week. leather? >> it's been all hands on deck from the city here today. daily city cleaning up the street. there is no sign left of the mud and muck and debris came down this morning. nobody one making sure that hillside stays intact. they're going to take measures in ca
Nov 14, 2012 5:00pm PST
yes. i would. >> now, the city still doesn't know why that kite ruptured. they say the city believes age had a factor. >> thank you. just how much rain will hall when the storm comes in. we're live with a look. sandhya? >> yes. check out there are clouds just high clouds going to live doppler 7 hd. and you can see there is moisture reaching the ground. so high clouds now, but a big change is coming up. rain coming with the first storm. daily city beginning possibly friday could be seeing as much as 41/100ths of rain by saturday morning. going from friday, saturday. under a half inch. looking at rainfall from friday through monday, the daily city could see an inch and a half of rain. the storm is expected to move in friday morning but this isn't the only storm. there are a couple more storms to go. i'll talk about that in just a few minutes when i tell you about clicking to a wet pattern. >> there is some photos from heavenly, opening today much to the delight of skiers and they've had their snow making machines clanked on full. we're live at north star, another resort that opened tod
Nov 12, 2012 5:00pm PST
afee. >> thank you very much. kimpb search to talk about. authorities looking for an 11-year-old daily city boy supposed to send the night in a friend's house but never showed up. police say there is no evidence of foul play but because of age, every officer has picture in the car trying to spot him. ren, as he's called is five feet tall, weighing about 80 pound. >> police searching for a bit pull that killed a young girl's pet poodle try frog detective the girl's 2-year-old brother when the pit then turned on the poodle. >> right. cheryl. the search is on for whatz1q is described as a pit pull or a pit bull-like dog. light tan with white on the neck and chest areas. the 11-year-old is on a miss to help police find the dog that killed her poodle. >> i'm sad. it was really bad, my dog being dead like that. >> sammy showed us how she barely had the door open when she says a pit bull shoved its way into the house arks tacking lacey. her grandfather beat the animal with fists and stick before it ran away. today, gilroy police following up on tips but so far have not found the dog responsible and ar
Nov 7, 2012 5:00pm PST
suspects one by one by a mob last month. investigators arrested nicholas hudson in new york city. police want to you take a look at these pictures of other suspects if you recognize them. this man accused of using his skateboard to smash out windows. they say he is barricade to damage the windshield of the bus. this driver was able to get aeng passengers off safely. >> let's talk about the election. it's was remarkable and driven in large part by the rising influence of social media. abc 7 news follows this closely for us and is here with a look at how the election played out online. >> we've been talking about how it's been at the center of the election. twitter tallied 31 million tweets including this one. this became the most-liked photo with over three million likes and growing this, is in contrast to mitt romney, a man of few words, two words to be exact. posting thank you to supporters today. he hasn't tweeted since yesterday morning but someone on you tube took liberty of putting words in his mouth. check out this video. this doctors video of romney singing his speech has well ove
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4